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What makes this TradeManager plugin unique.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop your orders, Stoploss, TakeProfit and even preview Orders directly on the Chart. No more need for crunching numbers – Trade what you see!

Calculations Hands free

Risk, lotsize, pips.. No need to calculate any numbers any more – the TradeManager does it all for you!

Order Preview

Before even placing a trade, you can review all your parameters like Openprice, Stoploss and Takeprofit directly on the chart.

Chart Switch

Managing many charts is no longer a chore – smoothly switch from chart to chart with the TradeManager.

works in Backtest

Invest in the most precious asset you have – your trading skill. You can now easily practice trading on real historical data with the TradeManager and MT4s backtesting capabilities.

Trailing stop

Use a dynamic stoploss to be trailed behind the price, if prices move into your favor – this feature alone can save you time and money!

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Why Trademanager

Learn why we are better than any other trading plugin on the Market. Period.
Save the world from fat finger trades!

Our philosophy: To first develop trading software for our personal use, see if it's useful. Then fine-tune it and let others share the experience of a supercharged trading environment. Every little aspect of our software is well thought out and optimized to save unnecessary clicks, but still provide the necessary safety from mistakes. At the same time we paid a huge amount of time to design the user interface as user friendly as possible, so it's use is easy and intuitive, even for completely new users. But don't just trust our words, download our free trial today!

  • Optimized for efficiency
  • Intuitive design
  • Safety
  • customizable

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